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“Gunner, you’ve got to pass the puck, kid.” Mason ran a hand down his face as he skated over. “If your teammate is open and you find yourself pinned down by the other team pass the puck.”

“But I want to score,” Gunner said as if it was the simplest thing in the world.

“Don’t we all, kid. Don’t we all.”

“He’s good with them,” Jet joined me as I watched Mason lean down and try and explain things to Gunner, one of the kids who attended the inclusion group at the RCC.

Right before Christmas break, Jet had invited Coach Tucker and Mason in to talk to him about the possibility of establishing a regular hockey session for the kids. That had been a few weeks ago, and it had been a huge success. Mason’s patience and understanding coupled with Scottie’s newfound enthusiasm for skating had the kids eager to come and give it a try.

“Yeah, he is.” I smiled, my heart doing that silly little flip it did whenever I thought about Mason.

“You’re good with them too,” Jet added.


“In fact, he might need your help right about now.” Laughter rumbled in his chest as Gunner tried to steal the puck off Mason, another one of the kids swooping in to help.

“Oh God,” I chuckled, excusing myself.

I headed onto the ice, hardly surprised when Scottie skated straight over. “This always happens.” He let out an exasperated breath. “Now we’ll never finish the game.”

“It’s all part of the fun though,” I said, gently shoulder checking him.

Scottie didn’t look convinced, but he followed me over to Mason and Gunner.

“Hey,” I said, trying to keep a safe distance from Mason.

He noticed, frowning. “What are you doing all the way over there?” He came for me, trying to slip his hand around my waist.

“Mason, the kids,” I scolded. “And Jet is right over there.”

“I can behave.”


“Your brother and his girlfriend are gross,” Gunner said to Scottie who nodded.

“It’s even worse when they stay over. They make all these noises in the night and—”

“Okay, you two.” Mason threw me a horrified look as he ushered the kids toward the rest of the team. “Back to it. I’m determined to get you to nail this play.”

I smothered a laugh, mouthing, “I love you.”

His expression softened as he mouthed it right back.

I loved him like this, patient and understanding with the kids. He was such a positive role model for them, and there was something incredibly sexy about watching him lead a bunch of eleven- to thirteen-year-olds on the ice.

I was so enamored watching him, I didn’t realize everyone was looking at me.

“What?” I asked, cheeks flaming at the sudden attention.

“We’re waiting for you,” Scottie said.

“Me?” My brows furrowed.

“Yeah, Mase said we can’t start without our best player.”

“And… I’m your best player?” My eyes flicked to Mason.

“Always, Dixon. Now let’s play some hockey.”




“At last.” I kissed my way up Harper’s neck, licking and sucking the soft skin there, soaking up every whimper and moan she made.

“Mase…” Her laughter wrapped around me. “We should probably slow—”

“Nope. No. We should definitely speed up. You’re wearing too many clothes, blondie. I need you naked and under me, now.”

“You had me this morning.” She slid her hands to my chest and shoved gently.

“And I need you again.” I wanted her all the fucking time.

Harper relented, reaching between us so she could pull off her Lakers hoodie. The one I’d gotten her for Christmas with my number on it.

Yeah, I was that guy now. Putting my number on his girl and asking her to wear it as much as possible. But seeing her in it did things to me. Crazy fucking things.

“Mmm, I love your tits.” My hand glided up her stomach and over the shell of her bra, squeezing.

“Mase…” she breathed.

“Tell me what you need, blondie.”

“You.” She grabbed the nape of my neck and smashed our mouths together, kissing me like a girl starved.

I let her take control for a second, let her wrap her tongue around mine and set the pace. My dick strained against my sweats, my blood sizzling in my veins as Harper devoured me.

“Fuck, you get me hot,” I rasped against her mouth, sliding my fingers into her hair to take back the reins.

“I need you,” she murmured, trying to steal another kiss but I held her just out of reach, studying her face. The deep flush to her cheeks, her swollen, slightly parted lips, her gorgeous blue eyes so full of lust and love and impatience.

Soft laughter rumbled in my chest. “What happened to ‘we should probably slow down?’”

“Mase… don’t tease me.” She pouted, all sex and seduction.

Jesus, she was beautiful. Inside and out. And part of me still couldn’t believe that she was mine.

M-Mase?” It was a small, uncertain whisper.

“Fucking love you, Harper Rose Dixon.”

“Show me,” she said, a flash of vulnerability in her eyes.

She needed this. The intimacy and the validation. And I got it. After what she’d endured at the hands of her father, I got it. A man I’d once respected.

After the truth came out that night at Millers, James had checked himself into rehab. But it was too little too late. He’d lost everything. His wife. His job. His reputation. His last shot at ever getting to know his incredible daughter. But I’d stay true to my words that day—I’d loved her enough for the both of us.

I couldn’t drag myself off Harper long enough to strip us both naked. My lips chased her skin as I pulled off her leggings, my hoodie, my sweats.

“Mason,” she whispered, breath hitching as I grasped my dick and ran the crown through her pussy. “Oh my God.”

“You’re so fucking wet,” I rasped, nudging up against her clit, teasing her.

I could make her come undone just like this but there was nothing better than getting her right to the edge then sinking inside her, feeling her pussy flutter and tighten around me.

“Fuck me, I need you to fuck— ah,” she cried out as I slammed home, filling her up as deep as I could get.

“Wrap your legs around me,” I demanded, pulling out slowly and rocking forward, making us both groan. She felt too fucking good, taking me so perfectly. My hand slid up her stomach and over her tits to collar her throat as I pounded into her, over and over. Relieved that, for once, we didn’t have to worry about someone overhearing us.

We had the house to ourselves for a few hours, and the only way I wanted to spend them was deep inside my girl.

“Mason,” Harper panted, barely able to catch her breath as pleasure streaked across her expression. “It’s so good.”

But I knew what would make it even better.

Licking down her throat, I lowered my head to catch her nipple between my teeth.

“God,” she cried as I licked and laved. “I’m so close.”

“Give it to me then,” I urged, desperate to feel her fall apart again.

I teased the small peak, switching from breast to breast as I slowed my pace, grinding my pelvis against her clit.

“Yes… yes… oh God.” She came hard, crying my name over and over, giving me exactly what I wanted. “I love you,” she breathed, gazing up at me.

“Fucking love you too.” I kissed her, chasing my own release. Wanting nothing more than to lose myself in her.

Harper wasn’t my escape, she was my home. My safe space.

My sanctuary.

She was the best fucking thing to happen to me, and I would never take that for granted.

Not for a second.




“Wow, Noah, the place looks great,” I said as we followed him inside his and Rory’s newly decorated apartment.

“Doesn’t it?” Rory beamed.

Aiden and Dayna were already here.

Mason held out his hand, pulling me in for a quick kiss.

“What was that for?” I asked, a little breathless.

“Just because.” He smirked, and my stomach dipped.

“You girls go get comfy,” Noah said. “Rory’s made a bunch of food.” He tilted his head toward the kitchen counter and the small spread there.

“And we have champagne,” she added. Noah arched a brow at that, and she rolled her eyes. “We’re celebrating. It’s allowed.”

“Fine. But no getting drunk,” Noah conceded. “Last thing I need is you getting sick.”

“You worry too much.” Rory leaned up and kissed his cheek. “Come on, Harper.” She grabbed my hand. “Let’s leave the guys to it. I’ll give you the tour.”

“Hey,” Dayna said as we joined her. “This is nice.”

“Right? I love it here.” Rory grinned. “I was worried that it might be too soon. But Noah was over at my place all the time, so it made sense. Although I’m not sure Austin will forgive me anytime soon.”

“He’ll get over it eventually,” I said, and she grimaced.

“After everything with Connor and then Noah moving out, he’s a little sore about things. But at least he has company now.” She winked at me. “How is that going?”

“It’s great.”

It had only been a few days since Mason and I moved into her old room. But Mason was over living at Lakers House, and I’d never really liked it at Hocking Hall.

“I still can’t believe you’re living with my brother and Connor.”

“They’re seniors.” I shrugged. “They won’t be around forever. And that house is too perfect to let it slip through our fingers. Austin actually approached Mason about it.”

“Well, so long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.” Dayna smiled.

“Thanks, I think it’ll be a good move. There’s an empty room for Scottie to sleepover so it’s kind of perfect.”

“It’s kind of crazy to think that Connor and Ella have been together the longest and—”

“Dayna,” Rory shook her head. “Positive vibes only remember.”

“I know. I want to believe they can work through it, but it’s been tough on her.”

“Tough on both of them,” Rory corrected.


Silence descended over us until Rory let out a small sigh. “Today is supposed to be a celebration,” she said. “We can worry about them without letting it dampen your good news and the team’s shot at the championship.”

“You’re right,” Dayna said, hopping up. “We need a little pick-me-up.” She went over to the counter to retrieve the bottle of champagne and three glasses.

“Here.” She came back, offering each of us one before uncorking the bottle and filling our glasses. “To Rory and Noah,” she said.

“And Harper and Mason on their exciting news,” Rory added, and they both looked expectantly at me.

My eyes flicked to the guys, and Mason’s eyes found mine.

“To them,” I said. “The men who love us.”

His mouth curved with recognition and my heart fluttered.

“To loving a Laker.” Dayna chuckled. “I’ll toast to that.”

“Me too.” Rory said, and I dragged my eyes off my man, raising my glass to my friends.

“To loving a Laker.”

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